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(ESS 145-152)

1a - Perform Cleaning Tasks: Cafeteria - Tables

1b - Perform Cleaning Tasks: Cafeteria - Using Large Straight Broom

1c - Perform Cleaning Tasks: Cafeteria - Using Brush and Dust Pan

1d - Perform Cleaning Tasks: Cafeteria - Store Tables

2a - Perform Cleaning Tasks: Kitchen Tables

2b - Perform Cleaning Tasks: Using Broom

2c - Perform Cleaning Tasks: Using Damp Mop

2d - Perform Cleaning Tasks: Classroom Procedures

2e - Plan and Prepare Meals: Washing Dishes

2f - Plan and Prepare Meals: Drying Dishes

3 - Plan and Prepare Meals: Table Manners

3a - Using Utensils When Eating

3b - Using a Napkin

3c - Setting Table for Self

3d - Using a Spreading Knife

3e - Making a Simple Sandwich

3f - Preparing Juice from Frozen Concentrate

3g - Preparing Soup

3h - Using a Vegetable Peeler

3i - Using a Pairing Knife

3j - Using a Grater

3k - Using a Bread Cutting Knife

3l - Using a Can Opener

(ESS 154-166)

1 - Demonstrate Knowledge of Self: Basic Body Parts

2 - Demonstrate Social Skills: Greeting and Basic Interaction

2a - Demonstrate Social Skills: Basic Social Interaction

9a - Personal Grooming - Washing Hands

9b - Personal Grooming - Washing Face

9c - Personal Grooming - Combing Hair

9d - Personal Grooming - Brushing Teeth

14 - Use Computer Independently

(ESS 168-175)

1a - Leisure: Participate in Games - Group Table Games

3a - Leisure: Use Computer Games

5 - Be Physically Fit - North Gym

5a - Be Physically Fit: Lunch Time Activity

5b - Be Physically Fit: Treadmill - North Gym Monitor Sheet

5c - Be Physically Fit: Stationary Bike - North Gym Monitor Sheet

5d - Be Physically Fit: Laura's Activities


4a - Travel in the Community - Using Crosswalk

4b - Travel in the Community - Crossing Street With Lights

4c - Travel in the Community - Crossing Street With NO Lights


0 - Selected Competencies for Work: Time on Task - Laura

1 - Selected Competencies for Work: Classroom routine.

1a - Attitude in Morning After Entering Class

1b - Selected Competencies for Work: In Class

1c - Selected Competencies for Work: In Gym Cafeteria

1d - Selected Competencies for Work: Taking Responsibility

2a - Safety Vocabulary: List #1

2b - Safety Vocabulary: List #2

2c - Safety Vocabualry: List #3

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