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1) Coping with Stress in the Special Education Classroom:
Can Individual Teachers More Effectively Manage Stress?

2) Behavior Disorders in Children

3) Behavior Contracts

4) Activity Ideas for Students with Severe/Profound/Multiple/Disabilities.

5) Generalization for Students With Severe Handicaps: Strategies and Solutions.

6) Effects of learning-style strategies on special education students.

7) Music Therapy and Autism In the Special Education Setting.

8) National Association of Special Education Teachers

9) International Journal of Special Education

10) Exceptional Children and Disability Information

11) Tool Kit on Teaching and Assessing Students with Disabilities.

12) Use of microswitches and speech output systems with people
with severe/profound intellectual or multiple disabilities: a literature review

13) Assistive Technology, Rehabilitation.

14) Intelligence Testing

15) Exceptional Children Student Descriptions (PowerPoint)

16) Characteristics of Cognitive Development. (The National Fragile X Foundation)

17) Effective Practices for Varying Exceptionalities Classes (A):
Characteristics of Exceptional Students.

18) Effective Practices for Varying Exceptionalities Classes (B):
Scheduling, Grouping for Instruction, Managing the Classroom Environment

19) The Continuum of Autistics Characteristics.

20) Computer Technology and Autism

21) The Culture of Autism: From Theoretical Understanding to Educational Practice.

22) Knowledge Master and Autism

23) How to Teach a Severely Handicapped Child to Play A Radio

24) Towards effective student outcomes: Survey data analysis for evaluation
of school-based Transdisciplinary Autism Teaming

25) Educational Evaluation of Student With Autism

26) Autism and Structured Teaching

27) Introduction to Assistive Technology: Trends and Issues.
Also, Tutorials: Reading & Writing Tools, Tools for Visually Impaired,
Creating Talking Books, and Other Tutorial Sites

28) Hearing and Vision Loss Associated with Down Syndrome

29) About Dyslexia & Reading Problems

30) Dyslexia Online

31) Working with Special Needs Students in Art

32) Promoting the Self-Determination of Students with Severe Disabilities

33) Teaching Students Who Are Deaf-Blind and Cognitively Disabled
To Effectively Communicate Choices During Mealtime.

34) Teaching choice making during social interactions to students
with profound multiple disabilities.

35) Teaching basic skills to children with Down Syndrome and developmental delays:
The relative efficacy of interactive modeling with social rewards
for benchmark achievements and passive observation.

36) CHC (Cattell-Horn-Carroll) Theory-based Analysis of Cognitive Characteristics
and Reading Skills of Mentally Retarded Children.

37) Hand in Hand: Selected Reprints and Annotated Biography on working With Students
Who are Deaf-Blind.

38) Analysis of Gait Characteristics in Mentally Handicapped Individuals

39) Blissymbolics, Cognition, and the Handicapped

40) Bright Tots information on Autism and Child Development. Low Functioning Autism
What is Autism - Autism information

41) Tips for Working with Students with Severe Handicaps:
Severe Handicaps in the Inclusion Setting