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Language Processing
In Children

Language disorders can be hard to diagnose; children with language disorders may simply be thought of as shy, quiet or distracted. However, language and communication play such a huge role in our lives, that if the language disorder is not detected, these children can suffer throughout childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Language processing disorders can be divided into two types: expressive and receptive. This site talks about each of them in turn.

Parents' Guide:
So Your Child Has Been
Diagnosed With Autism ...

If you have just learned that your child is autistic, it can be an incredibly daunting and confusing time. You likely have a lot of questions about what autism is, what it means for your child and for your family, and how to move forward. This parents guide will help you get started.

How to Make
Your Home

With physical limitations affecting significant portions of the population, the issue of creating housing fit for all people has been addressed by both governmental and private organizations. While there are regulations for certain types of housing, there aren't any federal standards related to handicap accessibility for all non-federally funded, detached single-family homes. Due to the research and practicality of the federal standards, it's helpful to look at these and other guidelines for design assistance when creating a more accessible home.

All About
and Retrofits

Inhabiting a home that works efficiently and effectively is an important part of living life to the fullest. For people with physical handicaps, disabilities, seniors, or the elderly, however, there can be challenges that make it hard to get around the house and complete everyday household tasks like cooking, grooming, and housekeeping. Accessible remodeling is the combination of home modifications and renovation that can help people who have physical, mental, or other types of specific needs.

Social Security
Benefits for
Disabled Children

This article covers eligibility requirements, application procedures, and other matters pertaining to SSI benefits for disabled children, as well as the basics of SSDI benefits for adults with disabilities sustained during childhood.

Treating Autism
Spectrum Children
With CBD

There are many treatment options available, including therapy and traditional medication. For some parents of children with autism, cannabidiol (CBD) may be the solution they are looking for. CBD is derived from the cannabis plant, but it has no psychoactive effect, this means those who use it do not experience a high. This report surveyed parents of children with ASD to see who is treating their kids with CBD and what its benefits are, especially when compared to prescription medications.

Home Safety
for People
With Disabilities

According to the 2017 Disability Statistics annual report, the percentage of disabled people in the United States was 12.8 percent and has been steadily rising over the last five years. Advances in the understanding of disabilities, as well as adaptive technology, means that more and more disabled people are able to redesign their homes to mitigate the impact of their disability. However, there remain legitimate ways in which homes can still be unsafe for those with disabilities. By going through this guide, you can create a checklist of items to be aware of, allowing you to address any potential safety issues in your home.

Baby-Proofing Your Home

Bringing a new baby home is one of the most joyful occasions in a parents life. Unfortunately, a home can be filled with numerous dangers that can injure and even kill a baby. The risk of serious harm increases as babies learn to crawl, pull themselves up, and eventually walk. Because they are not aware of the risks around them, they are not able to avoid the dangers that threaten them. It is the responsibility of parents to create a safe environment by carefully baby-proofing the home.

How To Keep Your Home Safe

You will find many threats around your home that can be dangerous to anyone in your home. These threats are especially concerning for children and the elderly. The issues that can develop entail everything from slip hazards to electrical issues. It is critical for you to be aware of all the threats that may persist around your home. Such threats can be dangerous to anyone, even those who might feel they are above some of these concerns.

Single Parent Financial Guide to Returning to School

Single parents are not the only non-traditional students struggling to gain a valuable, yet costly, education. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics in the USA, only a mere 15 percent of college students are in the traditional 18-22 range. Students over 25? They make up the fastest-growing cohort in all of higher education, predicted to increase 18percent by 2025 alone.

Tutoring for Students with Learning Disabilities

All students learn at their own pace and in their own way, this is especially true for students with learning disabilities. Special education services are a regular feature of the public school system, but with classroom sizes growing and resources shrinking, those students do not always get the individualized attention they need. Tutoring services can help to bridge the gap for students with learning disabilities or other disorders that interfere with learning.

The Simple Way to Find Your Perfect Tutor

Tutoo is a service where you can easily find a tutor local to you. Our service is completely free for tutors, students will only pay us a finder’s fee, we never take any commission for lessons you arrange with your tutor. Each tutor has their own profile page - here you will be able to see their qualifications, their prices charged per hour, a photo, and some personal details including the experience and availability. We also show past feedback from other pupils. By having a large database of tutors available, we are confident that for every student who registers with us, we have for them the perfect tutor.

College Resources for Students with Disabilities: Best Colleges, Gov't Programs, Scholarships & Helpful Apps

(USA) People with disabilities are a diverse and vibrant community, making up nearly one-fifth of the US population. Yet, they face unique struggles when it comes to accessing post-secondary education.

Teaching Kids About Money: A Lesson Guide for Parents and Educators

It's never too early to start talking with kids about money. From a young age, children observe how money is used and begin to form ideas of their own surrounding the crisp bills and shiny coins they'll one day find in their own pockets. Starting early, parents and teachers have the ability to impart knowledge not only about money itself but how to save it and spend it wisely.

100+ Resources, Tips, and Discounts on Mobility and Accessibility Products for Seniors and the Disabled (American)

If there's one thing certain in life, it's that each one of us is temporarily able-bodied. One way or another, someday, we will face losing our mobility, at least partially. So it's never a bad idea to consider the ways to obtain mobility products and assistance, even if we don't need it just yet. Additionally, many of us are or will become caregivers for mobility-challenged individuals and need information on how best to serve them.
We've taken a look at the different types of equipment and resources out there for anyone in need or interested. While not all sites are discount sites (most will attempt to work with your insurance company or Medicare to find you the best prices possible, where applicable), you can always catch sales if you check back from time to time.

60+ Discounts, Health Care Resources, and Helpful Programs for People with Disabilities (American)

People with disabilities are a vibrant and vital part of our communities. According to the most recent US Census, there are 56.7 million people in the US living with disabilities, accounting for nearly one-fifth of the total population. That means it is incredibly likely that you or someone you know and love is currently living with a disability.
There are resources out there to help folks with disabilities cover their medical costs, supplement their income, and save money on everyday items. That is why we have put together this guide to help you find ways to keep get cash back and save on the things you need./td>

Social Security Disability Benefits Guide (American)

This guide will explain how Social Security disability benefits work while helping you determine whether your disability, illness, or chronic condition is enough to qualify. We will walk you through each step of the process, and tell you what to expect during each stage of your Social Security disability application. Meanwhile, our disability benefits calculator will help you get an estimate of how much you might collect from Social Security disability or SSI if your case is approved.

Social Security Benefits for Disabled Children (American)

Benefits for disabled children under the age of 18 are available through the Social Security Administration's (SSA) Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program. SSI most often applies to adults, but children under 18 also may qualify if they meet the SSA definition of disability and are within the eligibility limits for household income and resources. Payment amounts vary from state to state, since some states distribute additional funds to SSI beneficiaries.

Ways parents can help Autism Spectrum Disorder children transition more smoothly into summer.

Summer is a time children with no strict schedules, no classes, no homework. But for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), a change in daily routine can actually create new stressors. Children with ASD are often rigid and inflexible when it comes to change, and many do not like it when their schedules are altered. The tension these children experience can also increase the stress levels for the parents and other family members in the household.

Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Disabilities

About 56.7 million United States citizens are living with a disability, according to the most recent national census. While traveling can be a lot of fun with new memories made, it is important to make sure wherever you travel to can accommodate if you have a disability. Luckily, there are several options available so that those who do have a disability are able to travel comfortably and safely.

How to Make Your Home Handicap Accessible

With physical limitations affecting significant portions of the population, the issue of creating housing fit for all people has been addressed by both governmental and private organizations. While there are regulations for certain types of housing, there aren't any federal standards related to handicap accessibility for all non-federally funded, detached single-family homes. Due to the research and practicality of the federal standards, it's helpful to look at these and other guidelines for design assistance when creating a more accessible home.

Guide to Attending a Sporting Event for the Disabled and Special Needs

Going to the local stadium to support your favorite team and enjoy the atmosphere of a sporting event is fun. In the past it was difficult for citizens needing special accommodations to attend but these days most facilities are in compliance with the Canadians with Disabilities Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. This website provides tips that you will want to be aware of to get the most out of your experience.

82 Summer Activities for Families with Special Needs

82 fun summer activities for one child with a developmental disability and one child who refuses to participate in most activities.

Hot Weather Tips - For the elderly and disabled people.

For the elderly and disabled people the weather does not have to hit 100 degrees to cause heat stress or even heat stroke.

Parent Guide to Skin Conditions - From Infant to Teenager.

While serious skin problems in children are rare, parents can take steps to prevent or treat the common conditions that attack the skin. This website provides common skin conditions that affect children, from infants to teenagers:.

The Ultimate Oral Health Guide for Parents

Includes a section for oral health for children with disabilities. While a childs disability and needs can sometimes take precedence over proper oral health habits, the negative impact of oral health diseases should not be overlooked. For instance, serious chronic illnesses (including heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory diseases) have been linked to poor oral health.

The Importance of Sleep

The Importance of Sleep: An Ultimate Guide to Sleep and Health. This guide aims to provide an overview of health conditions, their connections to sleep, and how to improve overall well-being with healthy sleep.

Sleep and Disabilities
Everything You
Should Know

This piece covers the research on intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, and sleep in both adults and children. It also investigates the link between autism and sleep problems and address some of the sleep-related challenges that caregivers may face. Finally, it covers some sound strategies for addressing sleep issues linked to disabilities

Mattress and Bedding Guide for People with Disabilities

Virtually every type of disability is linked to certain sleep issues. This site explores the relationship between sleep and different types of disabilities, as well as some popular bedding products and accessories used by disabled sleepers.

Sleep Challenges in Children With Down Syndrome (What to do About them.)

Quality sleep is particularly hard to achieve for children with Down syndrome, where symptoms often persist into adulthood. According to the National Institute of Health, 76 percent of children with Down syndrome experience difficulty with the onset of sleep, their quality of REM sleep, and their ability to stay asleep. The sleep troubles children with Down syndrome face often affect other aspects of their development down the road.

Sleep Products for People with Disabilities

A disability impacts your ability to sleep throughout the night, and may cause sleep disorders such as insomnia, narcolepsy, excessive daytime drowsiness, or delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS). Many of the sleep issues described below exist bi-directionally with the disability, meaning that each influences the other. The good news is that treatment of one often results in relief for the other, and vice versa.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Sleep

Sleep is a major issue for many adults and children who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Recent studies suggest that up to 80% of young people with ASD also have difficulty falling and/or staying asleep at night. The incidence rate of sleep problems and disorders is also high among adults with ASD, particularly those who are classified as 'low-functioning'. Lack of sleep can exacerbate some of the behavioral characteristics of ASD, such as hyperactivity, aggression, and lack of concentration. As a result, people with ASD who have a hard time sleeping may struggle at work or in their classroom.

ADHD and Sleep Deprivation

The numbers tell the story of, at the very least, a strong association between ADHD and difficulty sleeping. As many as 50 percent of children with ADHD experience sleep difficulties, which usually appear around age 12. The numbers are worse for adults with as many as 80 percent of those diagnosed with ADHD struggling every night to get to sleep and stay asleep.

Autism and Sleep

10 ways you can help your child with ASD sleep better. You know that your child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) experiences sleep difficulties. You also know that your child difficulties create sleep challenges for you too. But what you may not know is how common the challenges you face are for families affected by ASD.

Teaching Teens and
Young Adults with
ASD to Drive

Learning to drive is a long and complicated process, though, and for teens and young adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), learning to drive (and deciding whether to learn) has unique complications.

Sjogren's Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes, Risks, Complications, Diagnosis and Treatment.

Sjogren's syndrome is a disorder characterized by two distinct symptoms, dry mouth and dry eyes. Specifically, in this condition, the body's immune system attacks the glands that produce tears and saliva. However, Sjogren's syndrome can also affect other parts of the body like the throat, skin, nose, joints, blood vessels, kidneys, nerves and digestive organs.

Mental Health Disorders

A mental health disorder is defined as any condition that affects the thoughts, behaviors or moods of any person. Learn more about common mental illnesses as well as causes, diagnosis and treatment.

Keep Your Family Safe From Fire.

Fire is obviously something we have to be prepared for. Here is the best way to arm yourselves against this very real threat to you and your family. This site includes apps and videos for kids about fire safety.

Flood Safety and Preparedness Guide

Just a few inches of floodwater in your home can be disastrous. During the span of a 30-year mortgage, you have a one in four chance of experiencing a flood in your home. You’re five times more likely to go through a flood than a fire.

Room Repairs for Easy Accessibility for Disabled Loved Ones

This guide will help you learn how to enhance accessibility from room to room. You will find tips for easy accessibility accommodations for bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoors.

How to Make a Bedroom Accessible for Disabilities

For those who have disabling conditions, utilize a wheelchair for mobility, are affected by sensory processing disorders, or have other special needs, it is important that certain modifications are in place to make the bedroom a comfortable and easily accessible space.

Lighting for Low Vision

When performing a task such as reading, the surface of the page is unlikely to be at right angles to the ambient source, and is likely to be inadequate for satisfactory visual performance. So to perform a task in optimum illumination we require Task Lighting.

Parenting With a Disability

Raising children is challenging under any circumstances, but even greater obstacles exist for parents with a physical or mental disability, or a learning difficulty. Support networks can make all the difference.

In Home Care
Resource Guide (USA)

It is clear caregivers play a much needed part in the daily lives of the elderly. So, what exactly are the job qualifications for a caregiver? How much do caregivers of the elderly get paid? And, are there any caregiver opportunities available in my area? Here are some of the best resources available for those who are seeking information related to care-giving.

Mesothelioma Caregivers

It is vital for caregivers to find support for themselves and to take care of their own needs while caring for a loved one. The quality of the care that someone can provide will be affected when they feel tired and overwhelmed. There are many places caregivers can turn to find support. They can also learn about actions to take that can reduce the risk of being overextended and becoming ill. Serving as the primary caregiver for a person with mesothelioma is not an easy task. Caregivers are the strongest source of support for a loved one with mesothelioma. As a caregiver, it's important that you take care of your loved one and yourself.

Find a Leading Mesothelioma Lawyer in Your Area (USA)

A good asbestos or mesothelioma lawyer should help you decide what to do to get justice and compensation. Whether you should file a claim with an asbestos trust fund, start a lawsuit, go to trial with your case, or seek compensation through the Veterans Administration is a tough decision to make without good legal advice. Previously, asbestos victims had to rely on lawsuits for compensation. Now, with many companies ordered to set up mesothelioma trust funds, compensation is more readily available without the hassle of a trial.

Special Education

  • Special Education Statistics

  • Special Education Standards

  • Early Childhood Special Education

  • Handbook/School List/Special Education

  • Contact Us

  • Policies and Standards

  • Related Links


Conferences and workshops on special education provide training and support for teachers and parents.

ALBERTA TEACHERS ASSOCIATION - Council for Inclusive Education

The ATA Council for Inclusive Education provides educators with increased knowledge and understanding of students with diverse needs through professional development, communication, and policy.


Special education refers to the education of students and ECS children identified with mild, moderate, or severe disabilities or as gifted and talented. It is founded on the belief that all children can learn and reach their full potential � given opportunity, effective teaching and appropriate resources.


Integrating children with special learning requirements.


Special Education.


The Canadian Down Syndrome Society


The Down Syndrome Research Foundation was formed in 1995 in response to the need, expressed by parents and professionals, for detailed and research-based information for themselves and for the community at large. Although based in British Columbia, the DSRF, by using technology to reach out to the Community, has found an audience across Canada.


Worldwide organizations, clinics, and links.


Case Studies articles from Down Syndrome Research and Practice that are available are listed below. To search all available resources, an abstracts search service is also available.


The EDSS is a member and volunteer operated organization committed to supporting persons and families with persons with Down Syndrome, through provision of information, resources and above all connecting members with each other.


As an all-volunteer based organization it is our mission to support any family or individual whose life has been touched by mosaic Down syndrome by continuously pursuing research opportunities and increasing awareness in the medical, educational, and public communities throughout the world.


The following web sites offer disability-related information and/or services. Each site will open in a new window.


The PREP Program is a resource centre dedicated to the inclusion of individuals with Down syndrome in home, school and community life. It is a registered, non-profit organization for parents, families and friends of people with Down syndrome. Founded in 1988 by a registered SLP, The PREP Program now provides a wide variety of services and resources in individuals with Down Syndrome in the Calgary area and around the world.


Welcome to downsyn.com, a resource for those who love someone with Down syndrome. If you are a new parent look through our question and answer section and read our letter to a new parent. If you are a more experienced parent read through our stories and look at our pictures. And whether a new or experienced parent or a relative or a friend, come visit our forum where hundreds of parents are ready to share the joy, love, hardships, and fun of raising your child. Our forum has only one rule, Be Nice, and our members are waiting to share their experiences with you and listen to your feelings and experiences.


A pediatrician�s web site with good information.


This section links you to a selection of key research articles on this topic. For copyright reasons, most links will take you to abstracts of the articles. You may need a subscription to download the full articles.




This website contains a wealth of information and resources concerning autism.


Purpose: Families helping families; provide support, information and education to families; Resource for interested professionals; educators and care givers; voice of families of persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders; raise awareness.


Autism Edmonton enhances the lives of families and individuals living with autism, by providing life-long support and creating awareness, acceptance, and opportunities in our community.


The IBI program is a comprehensive treatment for children with autism using applied behavior analysis (ABA). This autism treatment is evidence-based and recommended by the Association for Science in Autism and the Surgeon General. It is an intensive approach that has been empirically demonstrated to remediate the core symptoms of autism to a greater extent than any other treatment.


Autism Awareness Centre hosts conferences across Canada and the UK, while ensuring books, articles and resource supports are readily available to all communities keeping parents and professionals on the cutting edge of new information. Autism Awareness Centre is leading the way because we “believe in change”.

VECOVA Centre for Disability Services and Research

Vecova Centre for Disability Services and Research (Vecova) is a leading-edge, registered non-profit charitable research and service agency that has been meeting the needs of persons with disabilities and the community-at-large since 1969. Affiliated with the University of Calgary, Vecova is recognized as a leader in the field of disability services and research. Select a link on the left to learn more.


Autism Today is the largest autism resource online and one of the leading autism and Aspergers resource distributor in the world.


A non-profit organization dedicated to providing information and support to families with a member diagnosed with Autism or a related disorder.


Good listing of organizations in Alberta.


Improving the lives of all affected by autism.


Autism Society Canada represents the largest collective voice of the autism community in Canada.




Just Like You. Down Syndrome video 14 minutes in length.


(YouTube videos) This web site has 7 short videos describing ADD and ADHD, diagnosis, and treatments.


When pioneering developmental psychologist Professor Uta Frith started her training back in the 1960s, she met a group of beautiful, bright-eyed young children who seemed completely detached from the rest of the world. It turned out they had just been given the then-new diagnosis of autism. (video is 59 minutes in length)

Hans Asperger

Published on Dec 18, 2015. Hans Asperger was an Austrian pediatrician, medical theorist, and medical professor. He is best known for his early studies on mental disorders, especially in children. His work was largely unnoticed during his lifetime except for a few accolades in Vienna, and his studies on psychological disorders only acquired world renown posthumously. There was a resurgence of interest in his work beginning in the 1980s, and due to his earlier work which was regarded by many to be under the fold of autism spectrum disorders, was named after him. Both Asperger's original paediatric diagnosis of autistic psychopathy and the eponymous diagnosis of Asperger syndrome that was named for him several decades after are controversial.


In his documentary film Vaccine Nation, award-winning investigative film director Dr. Gary Null challenges the basic health claims by government health agencies and pharmaceutical firms that vaccines are perfectly safe. This is one of the most critical questions facing today's children and future generations to come. If inoculation with a large regimen of vaccines is safe, what can account for the rapid increase in autism and other mental disabilities that are now at epidemic proportions? And why isn't the sudden onset of neurological illnesses in children being treated as an urgent crisis by our government and medical industries?

Thimerosal: Let The Science Speak (with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr)

Published on Feb 13, 2015. Thom Hartmann and Robert Kennedy Jr., Environmentalist / Attorney / Author, latest book: Thimerosal: Let The Science Speak, www.ringoffireradio.com, take calls about Kennedy's investigation into Thimerosal, a preservative in certain vaccines that may cause Autism in children.

Mark Hyman Autism Intensive Summit - BodyCures

Published on Jan 16, 2016. Learn about autism recovery from The Autism Intensive Summit. Sign up for FREE here: https://goo.gl/1DFJRF


Published on Apr 14, 2015. New documentary "Sounding The Alarm" is a poignant look inside the lives of those affected by autism. Produced and directed by John Block. Sounding The Alarm is a Blockburger Production. 57 minutes in length.